Vocal Art Songs

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Lullaby-Infant-Baby-Mother-Angels-Paul-Laurence-DunbarAngels is a mindin’ you, my baby (2011)
Poetry by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Mezzo-soprano and piano


The Cloth of MeadowAye, Workman (1978, arranged 2003)
Poetry by Stephen Crane
Medium voice and piano

A-Banjo-Song-Melody-Paul-Laurence-DunbarA Banjo Song (2004)
Poetry by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Tenor and piano

Bestiary for the Fingers of My Right Hand (2008)The Fingers of My Right Hand
Poetry by Charles Simic
Baritone and piano

Canciones de Cuna (1986-87, chamber arrangement 2011)Maternity-Lullaby-Canciones-de-Cuna-Gabriela-Mistral
Poetry by Gabriela Mistral
Mezzo-soprano and piano; or
Mezzo-soprano, flute, oboe, clarinet, cello and piano
    Yo no tengo soledad
    Cancion amarga
    Me tuviste

Ere Sleep Comes Down (2004)Dunbar-Accountability
Poetry by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Medium voice and piano
    Jump Back, Honey
    A Summer’s Night
    Little Brown Baby
    Song of Summer
    Ere Sleep Comes Down

The Grass (1969-71, chamber arrangement 1973-74)Battelfield_Verdun
Poetry by Carl Sandburg
Medium voice and piano; or
Medium voice, string quartet and clarinet

If All the World Were Paper (2008)Fiddler on the wire
Poet anonymous, adapted by Philip Hayden
High or medium-high voice and piano

Importune Me No More (2004)
Poetry attributed to Queen Elizabeth I
Soprano or mezzo-soprano and piano

Moments (2009)stair well
Poetry by Charles Simic
Medium voice and piano
    Wooden Church
    Little Night Music
    Theatrical Costumes
    Nearest Nameless
    Crazy About Her Shrimp 

New York Sketches: On Love’s Fragility (2016)
Poetry by Sara Teasdale
Mezzo-soprano and piano
    The Metropolitan Tower
    Union Square
    Coney Island
    Evening at Riverside

Poem for Salt (2009)Snow-bank-cars-Poem-for-Salt-Leroy-Quintana
Poetry by Leroy V. Quintana
High voice and piano

Three Story Telling Songs (2005)Mary-Pity-Women-Eddi-Priest-of-St.-Wilfird-Soldier-Rudyard-Kipling
Poetry by Rudyard Kipling
Mezzo-soprano, baritone and piano
    Mary, Pity Women
    Eddi, Priest of St. Wilfrid
    Soldier, Soldier

‘Tis This – In Music (2003)Sunset-Emily-Dickinson-love-life-music
Poetry by Emily Dickinson
High or medium-high voice and piano

The Tyger and the Lamb (2014)In conservation the motto should always be "never say die" - Gerald Durrell
Poetry by William Blake
Medium-high or medium voice and piano
    The Lamb
    The Tyger

The Voice of God (2010)Lightning-The-Voice-of-God-Stephen-Crane
Poetry by Stephen Crane
High voice and piano

War Is Kind (1979)Horses charging over battlefield
Poetry by Stephen Crane
Medium voice and piano

Where the Rainbow Ends (2011)Where-the-Rainbow-Ends-Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Poetry by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Medium-high voice and piano